Glass at eye level in public areas can be a safety hazard if the public is not aware of it. Vision Tape can be fitted to glass, avoiding the possibility of a person walking into it.
Newer buildings will often have the necessary safety glass, in accordance with correct building regulations but older buildings may need assessment and/or changeover to safety glass in certain areas such as high level glazing, roofs, walkways and doors etc.
Friction stays are the mechanism that allows a window to stay in an open and set position. There are various types and they are often sized according to the weight of the sash being carried. Cremin Glass can advise if your usage of a particular window changes and different hinges/friction stays may be required.
Safety stays are different to security stays. They are intended to limit the opening of a window sash to a small amount, to eliminate the possibility of falling out of a window. It should be noted that careful consideration should be given to changing security/safety stays or fitting restrictors to upstairs window sashes as priority should always be for fire escape.
For security, window sashes should be closed shut with a good quality window mechanism including bolts running the length of the sash. Old PVC windows can have these fitted on most makes and are especially successful on downstairs windows needing the most security.