Older types of aluminium windows sometimes had no provision for collection and drainage of condensation to the inside of the frame. Retro fitting of condensation channel can often be fitted to aluminium frames. In the case of PVC windows, drainage holes can become ineffective when blocked, therefore additional holes can be drilled, thereby improving the flow of water away externally.
Various types of window handles can be sourced and fitted easily. This is important not only for security but also for ensuring a good seal against weather.
Gaskets and beads are intended to hold glass in place but also to prevent the entry of water. Gaps can result in leaks, draughts and a whistling noise around the windows, therefore replacement of missing or shrunken gaskets/beads can alleviate such problems.
Over time, window hinges can corrode and seize. If left unattended, the sash will be rendered useless for fire escape purposes and everyday ventilation. Replacement of old hinges is usually a straight forward procedure.
Friction stays are the mechanism that allows a window to stay in an open and set position. There are various types and they are often sized according to the weight of the sash being carried. Cremin Glass can advise if your usage of a particular window changes and different hinges/friction stays may be required.
In some cases, existing single-glazed timber windows might have enough of a rebate to allow double-glazing to be fitted. This can be particularly successful in frames which have been very well maintained or in the case of a customer who may not be able for the disturbance of full window replacement. If it is found that the timber windows are not suitable for conversion, Cremin Glass offers the facility to advise and quote on your requirements for new PVC windows.
If glass has been broken or double-glazed units have fogged up, these can easily be replaced. Cremin Glass also offers a full range of decorative leaded and bevelled glass for use in front doors and feature windows, if you wish.
Older PVC windows fitted with standard double-glazing can be changed to energy efficient glazing, thereby improving the retention of heat in the home. This can be especially successful in problem rooms or rooms with a large glass area such as north facing rooms, bay windows and conservatories.
For commercial customers, an emergency service for replacement of laminated glass in shopfronts, industrial units etc is available. Cremin Glass also offers planned maintenance for estate agents, facility managers and commercial customers, where windows and doors are inspected at regular intervals, necessary improvements are advised, priced and carried out.
Locating the source of leaks can often be very difficult. Cremin Glass can carry out assessment of leaks and make recommendations to remedy same. As the process can be trial and error, we will endeavour to find the source of the leak to the best of our ability but we cannot guarantee success in every case.
There are many types of air vent available and these can be fitted to existing windows, to improve air flow and reduce condensation.
Glass at eye level in public areas can be a safety hazard if the public is not aware of it. Vision Tape can be fitted to glass, avoiding the possibility of a person walking into it.