I am thinking of changing my doors, what price range are they?2015-07-27T14:51:01+00:00

The right front door can frame the look of a house.  There is huge variation in price, according to whether it’s a back or front door, colour, size, whether side-lites are required and leaded glass options.  Contact us to request a sales call and we will provide you with brochures and pictures of recently completed work.

I have decided I would like new windows, what options are available?2020-03-08T14:31:51+00:00

There are various different colours, specifications, openings and glass types.  Fill out our contact form and we will call you back, to arrange a convenient time to call in person and discuss your requirements.

I am landlord of several commercial premises and tenants regularly have issues, in terms of broken handles and commercial doors not closing properly. Are there service options available?2015-07-27T14:50:33+00:00

Our service and maintenance options tend to tall into four categories.  Planned, Cyclical, Responsive and Emergency.  Please contact us for a no obligation visit, to discuss what options would be best suited to your individual circumstances and budget.

I have broken glass after a burglary, how quickly can it be replaced?2015-07-27T14:50:21+00:00

This will depend on the type of glass and whether the glass is single or double-glazed.  We offer a board-up service, which will make the area safe and when the glass comes into stock, we will fit it ASAP.  It would also be recommended to survey the window and door locks.  Some people also prefer to change door cylinders with new keys, for peace of mind.

I have a problem with cold-spots in a conservatory, is there anything can be done to improve this?2015-07-27T13:48:15+00:00

Old double-glazing has moved along in terms of specification and new energy efficient glazing offers better performance. This would be easily achieved as there would be no mess, in terms of plastering etc. as you are re-using the old frames.  Pricing will depend on square metreage, specification and condition of old frames,, therefore we would need to measure same.

My upstairs windows do not lock with a key, can I do anything to child-proof them?2015-07-27T13:47:52+00:00

Upstairs windows need to be easily accessible for fire escape purposes but there are a few types of restrictor which could be fitted.  These are designed for adult use only, which allows for fire escape but also restricting the opening, for the safety of children.

I appear to have moisture in my glass which is giving a “fogged up” appearance, how can this be rectified?2015-07-27T13:47:36+00:00

A new double-glazed unit would be required.  If you were to contact us, we would measure it to size, order with our suppliers, fit at a later date and dispose of the old glass.

I have a front door and a patio door outside it with two different keys, could I have the same key for both?2015-07-27T13:47:19+00:00

We can change the cylinders to both doors and fit keyed-alike cylinders if you wish.  We can also fit thumb-turn cylinders, which require no key from the inside.

Some of my window and door handles are broken, are new ones available?2015-07-27T13:47:05+00:00

There are many different types of window and door handles and once we can source the correct type, they are easily fitted.  Use our contact form to request a site visit.

There are draughts on the windows and they seem difficult to close, is it a big job to get them repaired?2015-07-27T13:46:34+00:00

Replacement of window hinges is a cost effective way to prolong the life of frames, which are otherwise in perfect condition.  There are several sizes and types of hinges, therefore it is best to allow us to view the windows and quote accordingly

My patio door is getting difficult to slide, can anything be done to improve this?2015-07-27T13:46:19+00:00

Patio doors which are fitted to the front of a house especially, get a lot of usage.  We can fit new wheels very easily, including adjustment if necessary.

My door won’t lock, what could be the problem?2015-07-27T13:44:11+00:00

There could be any number of reasons, ranging from a worn or damaged lock, the need for a new cylinder and keys or a door being out of adjustment on hinges. Contact us today to arrange an inspection.