Planned Maintenance

This type of contract is the ideal means of bringing windows and doors up to an acceptable standard or by carrying out work of a more specialist and complex nature. Planned maintenance contracts should be used as the first steps towards the provision of an ongoing programme, designed to increase the life of windows and doors. Once the windows have been repaired and upgraded through a planned maintenance contract, they should then be made the subject of a cyclical maintenance contract.

Cyclical Maintenance

Regular maintenance of mechanical components will reduce wear and tear and prolong the serviceable life of windows and doors
Once a planned maintenance contract has been completed, arrangements should be made for regular (annual or less) cyclical maintenance. This will ensure that the work and the cost of bringing the window up to standard will not have to be incurred again.
Cremin Glass will agree in advance, the type and extent of the work to be undertaken and will advise the client of any additional items required.


Windows and doors suffer from minor accidental damage or other similar occurrence which, although not requiring immediate attention, should not be left too long before rectifying
The responsive maintenance level of service allows for the collection of a number of items that require attention together, during one or more consecutive days. This reduces high costs incurred in responding to single items.


This type of service requires immediate action and short response times from Cremin Glass maintenance services
Cremin Glass must therefore ensure that suitable equipment is available at all times. The costs of genuinely providing such a service will be high if not organised on a local basis. Therefore this facility will only be offered to clients when Cremin Glass is satisfied that it can operate such a service efficiently within reasonable cost parameters.
In the event that any frames be so badly damaged that they are beyond repair, Cremin Glass can advise, quote and fit new items such as shop fronts, internal office screens, fire rated glass, shower screens, glazed roofs and PVC windows.